Dynamics 365 Business Check: 1-Hr Assessment


If you’re having a hard time deciding which version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 if right for your business, take our one-hour assessment and we’ll help you decide.

Business automation projects are some of the hardest, to start, not to say to execute. Too many variables, unknowns, challenges, and risks. That is why with over 20 years of experience in consulting, executing, and reviewing such projects, we have managed to build a formula that enables businesses to have a quick assessment and a sound decision.


What we provide

Our offer is a quick diagnosis of your business based on our tested survey module. Our experts will give you a general overview about which modules of Dynamics 365 could fit your business best. What we need from your side is a stakeholder with a comprehensive view and clear strategic understanding. Also, it is vital to have someone from the technology side.

How does it go

Once we have a conference call with you and get our inquiries answered, we will be able to send you a report on our assessment of your needs, what the technology can provide, and more importantly, what it cannot provide. We will deliver a recommended path for you to pursue.

What happens next

Once you review our assessment report, and get to a decision, we can then engage in the process of execution. This is an optional step that could take place based on the outcome of our assessment.

Action required now

All what is needed from your side is to contact us, schedule a meeting and. . .get this project off your chest!!

At a glance