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Remittance Advice Email

ASQiT Ltd.

Simple and effective remittance advice emailing, to make sure emails are sent to correct recipients

Do you need to separate vendor email addresses for remittance from generic ones? Do you need a way to store sent payment remittances? Do you need the ability to change the remittance layouts?

It is very important to get your remittance advice to a correct recipient. If you just send it to a general company email, it may get lost in the shuffle rather than make it to accounts receivable, resulting in wrong payment allocations and confusion in reconciling statements and balances with your suppliers.

Remittance Advice Emails for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to easily maintain a specific email address for sending remittances to and define how much control over remittance email process to have. Preview email remittances before sending to see if there are any vendors that are missing emails, so you can take action before emails are actually sent.

Automatically adding ‘CC’ on each email, will make sure your sent remittances are stored on the server and can be re-sent if required.

A specific ‘Test Mode’ allows testing new remittance or email layouts without a risk of sending them to your vendors.

Features and benefits of this extension:

  • Maintain separate remittance email
  • Add CC to all remittance emails
  • Preview missing emails before sending remittances
  • Use Test Mode to test new layouts
  • Get it now for one month free trial and improve your remittance email process. For more videos, documentation and pricing options visit our page

    Support editions:

    This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

    Supported countries:

    United Kingdom, United States and Australia