Hydra iT - Engineering and Project Management Localization Pack for Portugal

by Hydra iT

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Extends the Engineering and Project Management app to make it compliant with portuguese regulations


This application extends the Hydra iT - Engineering and Project Management to make it compliant with local laws and regulations for Portugal, keeping all functionalities to meet the needs of companies in the Construction sector.
Requirements and dependencies: install from AppSource the Hydra iT - Engineering and Project Management and also the required Softstore packs.

For a successful project evaluation and management, it is essential to integrate the aspects of financial evaluation, integrated management of resources allocated to the project and analysis of risk and uncertainty conditions.

The solution ensures the bases for profitable growth for construction companies, with an App that centralizes all information and connects tools, from job costing and bidding to project and human resources management.

This software is integrated with the Business Central core components: accounting, finance, sales, services, operations and logistics, stocks and warehouses, resources costs, and quality assurance.

In particular will provide the following funcionatilities:

  • On-site warehouse management
  • Products decomposition
  • Work budgets
  • Financial and logistics management
  • Cost allocation (analytical concepts, work units, production units)
  • Offer and purchase comparison
  • Measurements and certifications
  • Integration and activities planning
  • Statistical analysis

Production Budgets

  • Agile production budget planning for each project
  • Automatic selection of the most suitable pricing for the type of work
  • Import from prices list, being only necessary to fill quantities or budgeted measurements

Financial Analysis

  • Materials purchase planning according to the construction evolution and phases
  • Revenue and expense analysis through analytical concepts
  • Additional accounting criteria classification: allocation of labor costs and allocation of materials costs

Work Transactions

  • Proactive management of resources usage and anticipation of needs
  • Information on how resources are used and allocated
  • Control transactions and allocation for all kinds of expenses: materials, resources humans, machines, other resources, and subcontracting

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