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Extension designed to help you create and manage your employees' attendance records.

Work Registration - Work extension designed to help you create and manage your employees' attendance records. This is an application from a whole "Work Registration" family of applications.

Basic functions include employee work registration, work attendance logging and more.

Main features

Each login and logout operation in the terminal is inserted into Activity Entries.

The main output of this app is Work Registration Entries, which can be:

  • created by Posting Activity Entries,
  • manually added using Work Registration Journal.

The app can be set to automatically create a standard Resource Ledger Entry together with a Work Registration Entry.

The app is suited for all platforms: desktop, tablet and phone.

Work Registration, Activity and Resource Entries data can be used for calculating employees' wages. This data can also serve as a basis of a Data warehouse, over which it is possible to create various data cubes and outputs using a suitable tool, such as Power BI.

Settings options

  • create and assign Card IDs to users,
  • create and manage Groups of employees,
  • create various Work types to easily differentiate what are your employees working on,
  • manage settings of each user and employee group separately,
  • enable or disable Parallel work registration,
  • enable or disable Post on registration,
  • enable or disable automatic creation of Resource Ledger Entry together with Work Registration Entry,
  • Cancel or Correct Work Registration Entries,
  • and more.

Supported Editions:

This app supports the Essential and Premium editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central. Premium edition is not required.

Supported Countries

All countries and regions where Dynamics 365 Business Central is available

Supported Languages

English (US), Czech (CZ)

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