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ExFlow AP automation

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Accounts Payable Automation in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Choose profitability over administration

ExFlow is an add-on module for Dynamics 365 Business Central that streamlines and rationalises the accounts payable process. The app increase control, efficiency and save both time and money. Get full transparency throughout the process. A complete log of all accounting transactions with their respective approval transactions provide a failsafe audit trail.

Matching elevated

ExFlow fully cover the PO to Invoice process, matching invoices with the corresponding Purchase Order. The system identifies any discrepancies and either approve the invoice automatically or send it on based on the configured approval workflow.


Increasing regulations on corporate data makes compliance a growing priority for companies. However, the laws are complicated and differ from country to country, making it hard for global corporations to comply, and the penalties for non-compliance can be significant.

When managing the AP process through ExFlow, you use the rules, validations and regulatory requirements already implemented and proven in your ERP solution. Working inside the ERP system, ExFlow is able to fully utilise all Dynamics standard functionality to ensure compliance in the key process.

ExFlow core functionality

  • Data import - Support for all types of invoices i.e. file based electronic formats and webservice based streamed invoices. Paper and pdf invoices are scanned and imported using OCR.
  • Automated purchase order matching - Invoices are automatically matched. Discrepancies regarding item number, quantity or unit price are highlighted.
  • Automating general expense invoices - General expense invoices can be automatically coded against accounts, projects, items, fixed assets and cost centres.
  • Roles and Approvers – Create dynamic approval workflows by combining approvers, roles and rules.
  • Approving invoices - The approver has a clear overview of all pending invoices, the approval history and all relevant information, such as coding, attachments and comments.
  • Accrual for estimated cost - Automatic accrual for all pending invoices to simplify the end of month process.
  • Clear summary of all pending invoices - The AP department can run reports to get an overview of all pending invoices including their approval status.
  • Rapid deployment - Deploy directly from AppSource, configure the application with the assisted setup. Get up and running in a few hours.
ExFlow easily manages large complex AP processes in global organisations.

Supported edition:

This app supports both the Essential and Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries:

This app is available in Sweden.

Read more and find your local ExFlow partner here.