DYCE IT-Business Toolkit

by Singhammer IT Consulting AG

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DYCE IT-Business Toolkit provides features commonly used in the IT industry.

DYCE IT-Business Toolkit

This app is perfectly suited to the needs of IT companies. In the IT sector in particular, there are many requirements for order-related purchases, supplier configurations, special conditions and payments. Managed Service Providers and System Integrators will benefit most from this toolkit application, as their processes will be optimally mapped in the various extensions.

Work more efficiently and customer-centred thanks to DYCE
The app significantly extends the Business Central standard. For example, it allows you to create a purchase order which is automatically linked to a sales order. You also have the option of conveniently importing different supplier configurations into your quote as well as creating individual payment plans for your customers.

Features & benefits of IT-Business Tookit

  • Sales order related purchase order: Link sales orders with the required procurements (including automatic reservations).
  • Payment plan: Create a payment plan or milestone invoice for a sales document, if required.
  • Import supplier configurations (coming soon): No more manual input and error-prone checking of additional information in the lines of a quotation. With the DYCE IT-Business Toolkit you can import individual configuration data of different distributors and manufacturers from Excel tables.
  • Margin calculation (coming soon): For easy calculation of the sales price, any markup or trade margin can be used. In this way, the sales price is simply the purchase price plus the desired margin.

  • Associated features
    • In DYCE Cockpit you can see all open tasks and to-dos assigned to you at a glance.
    • Save your favourite records as bookmarks and find the records you were working on with DYCE Record History & Favorites. Your data is just one click away!
    • With DYCE Happy Texts you can personalise your quotes, contracts, etc. – with formatable long texts and images that you can insert. Templates and automations make your work easier and your customers happier!
    • Combine multiple products or services and choose which information the customer receives and which is for internal use only with DYCE Easy Bundle Seller.
    • Tiresome searches are over thanks to DYCE Document Tracker: See at a glance which transactions, e.g. deliveries, purchases, etc., are linked to a particular transaction.
    • DYCE Smart Workflow Tool offers you the possibility to log and control every process step.

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Supported Versions

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries

Users worldwide can use this application.

Supported languages

DYCE IT-Business Toolkit is available in English and German.

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