Financial Reporting and Consolidation for BC

by Managility

Advanced BI & Excel integration for Business Central

Acterys for Business Central App: Business Central Power BI & Excel Integration

Unlock the full potential of financial planning and analytics with the Acterys Business Central Power BI & Excel App. This integrated solution seamlessly connects Business Central with Power BI and Excel, enhancing your reporting, planning, and consolidation capabilities through advanced apps.

Acterys for Business Central Power BI App: Elevate Your Financial Strategy

Leverage the Business Central Power BI connector to merge Business Central's comprehensive reporting functions with Power BI’s dynamic data visualization and analysis tools. This integration facilitates an optimized data model that seamlessly channels Business Central data into pre-designed Power BI report templates. For those who prefer working in Excel, Acterys’s Business Central Excel add-in provides robust planning tools within the familiar spreadsheet environment.

Key Benefits of the Acterys for Business Central Power BI Connector:

  • Streamlined Planning & Analysis: Automate data integration for quicker, more responsive planning and analysis to keep pace with market dynamics.
  • Advanced Analytics: Dive deep into your data with Power BI’s sophisticated analytics to spot trends and derive actionable insights from your Business Central data.
  • Built-in Business Logic: Incorporate essential business logic directly within your workflow, including metrics, time intelligence, currency conversions, and consolidation processes.
  • Excel Flexibility: Experience the same advanced reporting and planning capabilities in Excel, eliminating the complexity of managing numerous spreadsheets.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Instantly generate comprehensive reports with pre-built templates that provide a complete view of your financial performance.
  • Data Models in Minutes: Create scalable, optimized data models that serve as a single source of truth, consolidating data from various sources and entities.

Key Features of the Acterys for Business Central Power BI Connector

  • Best-practice Templates: Benefit from industry-leading financial reporting and forecasting templates and enjoy seamless two-way integration with Power BI and Excel.
  • Power BI Dataset Planning: With Acterys Power BI Sync, plan-enable any Power BI dataset or Dataflow effortlessly or synchronize it with your relational data warehouse.
  • Custom Power BI Visuals: Access 8 custom Power BI visuals listed on AppSource, enhancing your Power BI and Excel editions with superior write-back, planning, and financial reporting capabilities.
  • Automated Workflows: Establish automated workflows to manage approvals, forecasting, budgeting, report distribution, and more efficiently.

Transform Your Financial Management with Acterys for Business Central Power BI App

Start using the Acterys Business Central Power BI App today and turn your Business Central data into actionable insights that drive decision-making and business growth!

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