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A robust shop floor execution system designed for discrete manufacturers across multiple industries.

Cloud-based shop floor management for today while investing for tomorrow

Oversee and synchronize manufacturing operations, reduce waste & errors and improve factory throughput all in the cloud with MV2.

Get the Most Out of Your Shop Floor with MV2

MV2 is a powerful and robust Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that helps firms realize production and quality gains from their existing shop floor resources & processes at a fraction of the cost of hiring workers or adding automation.

The MV2 MES connects to every aspect of the facility, from PLC-level systems and labor to the ERP system. It offers real time reporting and management of workers, machines and operations across the entire production process. The MES connects, monitors and coordinates complex manufacturing systems, including Kanban, Inventory, Quality and job sequencing.

MV2’s ‘paper-less’ systems help shop floor workers focus their time on producing, rather than managing paperwork for processes and orders. It also keeps management up to date with real time & historical analysis and control to be ready for anything that happens on the floor or changes from beyond it.

Cloud Based for Simple Administration

From an IT perspective, managing the MV2 manufacturing execution system is simple. The MES is a cloud-based SaaS application that removes the need for on-site servers, upgrades or dedicated staff to manage. The MES application resides on Microsoft’s Azure platform. That means customer’s instances are always run on the most current servers and backed up to reduce failure potential. MV2’s software upgrades are maintained by Paper-Less’ internal staff. This configuration frees on-site staff to provide more value elsewhere in the firm.

Be Ready for Industry 4.0, AI and IIoT/Edge

The MV2 MES is designed to be the keystone for a discrete manufacturer’s digital transformation process. At its core, the system is the collection point for all production data and the disseminator of production orders, material routing, job instructions and labor assignments. On top of this, MV2 is designed to connect with other systems running on the floor – either proven technologies like MRP or MRO management to advanced capabilities like business intelligence suites and smart devices and sensors. This centralized functionality provides a stable platform to expand into greater functionality and advanced capabilities. In short, if big data is coming to your floor, be prepared for it with the MV2 MES.

Installation and Support You Can Count On

Paper-Less has been providing manufacturing execution systems for over 35 years to some of the world's leading manufacturers. Trust us to escort your firm in its transition to MV2. Our highly experienced integration consultants work on-site to assess, plan and execute the migration process to guarantee the system is ready to for deployment. Paper-Less’ installation process also makes sure the organization is ready for the new system by providing the training needed for every aspect of the shop floor. Our world class customer support extends well past purchase and installation. Paper-Less’ Customer Success department is there whenever you have a question, issue or need for customization across the entire lifecycle of MV2’s usage.

Contact us today to learn more about how MV2 can help your manufacturing operations today and how it can help ready the company for the future.

Paper-Less, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Information Systems Engineering, Inc. (ISE)

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• Supported ERP Editions: Business Central

• Supported Languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, DBCS/Mandarin Chinese, and localization capable.

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