Prodware Transit Automation accelerator

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This accelerator helps you understand the current financial status of goods in-transit

Transit Automation accelerator for Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management

Incoterm allows users to define who bears the costs and risks of delivery when purchasing the goods.  With large imports, the shipping delays being more important, organizations need to see them in their Microsoft Dynamics 365 system.

The Transit Automation accelerator follows a purchase’s physical progress. In other words, to split a purchase in three steps:

1. Receipt of the goods in the system as soon as the organization owns the goods. This receipt will be document-based (example: customs agent via bill of lading, packing list...).

2. Registering goods in transit during transportation.

3. Physical receipt of the goods at the final place of delivery.


Next steps.

If you would like to boost your Microsoft Dynamics 365 system in this way; please review the materials on this page and contact Prodware to find out more.

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