Avalara for Communications for Dynamics 365 Finance

by Avalara

Automate communications tax calculation within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

AvaTax for Communications makes it easier to identify and calculate communications
taxes, fees, and surcharges for not only traditional telecom, but also new industries that
may be responsible for communications tax liability as they expand product scope. This
has become especially relevant with the breadth of capabilities that 5G now offers.

Who can we help? Telecom is now far beyond traditional wireline, wireless, cable,
internet, and even VoIP. Technology companies may be responsible for communications
tax if they are integrating VoIP into solutions. Media companies may have compliance
concerns with content offerings. Countless companies in many industries that are adding
sensors for IoT devices also need to understand possible communications tax

Adding complication, communications taxes vary by jurisdiction and how products are
bundled. Tax accuracy can be complex and time-consuming.

AvaTax for Communications reduces risk and helps your team remain agile. Avalara’s
communications tax team continuously monitors tax statutes, regulatory rules, and rate
changes across thousands of tax jurisdictions. Our comprehensive SaaS-based solution is
regularly updated to reflect these ever-changing requirements.

This means your team isn’t weighed down with research and making manual updates, or
maintaining software. Updates are seamlessly handled and your team remains available
to work on other projects.

How it works. AvaTax for Communications connects to your existing billing platform or
ERP system via a pre-built connector or API. It easily handles the most complex
communications tax calculations like tax on tax, tiered taxation, self-taxing rates, and tax
inclusive – even when they are bundled. Extensive historical rate and application history
are included and clear output is provided to improve accurate invoicing.

Contact Avalara to learn more about the Avalara for Communications for Dynamics 365 Finance integration.

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