Repair Center

by HSO

Increase Service Engineer Productivity with Repair Center

Most companies see their in-house workshop as a cost center with Repair Center you can turn it into a profit center!

Business solutions to improve your workforce efficiency and service revenue

To meet customer demands with the service organization, companies must ensure that the right technician is enabled with the right time and the right parts to provide the result of issue resolution. The best service organizations have taken the next step in scheduling. They have evolved from reactive scheduling to predictive forecasting on when service objects arrive at their workshop.


  • Increase your workforce productivity
  • Improve your workshop management and in-house service capabilities
  • Enhance the efficiency of service and operational performance
  • Higher customer satisfaction and retention levels
  • Increased service revenue creation and cost containment

What's included in our base offering:

Repair Center work order management:

Many customers worldwide rely on Repair Center to support their daily in-house service business processes. Dynamics Repair center supports your service organization by featuring complaints and warranty, repairs and periodic maintenance. At the same time, you have direct access to all the data you need regarding service objects, resources, contracts and logistics. Within your service center or workshop, you can execute work orders across several stations. For all well-organized service workshops. Enabling handling service requests & initiating service activities within your own facilities.

Service Objects

These service objects can vary from a single object to a complicated installation consisting of many objects and components in a flexible multi-level ‘as maintained’ structure. You have several ways to register these objects related to the service you want to provide including a graphical object builder for the complex structures. The object master file is also the single source of information regarding historic operational and financial information.

Resource Scheduling
Assigning the service task to the right person can be done by using the graphical scheduling overview. In this screen, you will have a direct view of your resource availability, open tasks including their severity and insight into whether the required spare parts are available. With a simple drag-and-drop action from the planner, tasks can be scheduled to the available resource. While planning, Repair Center will help you determine whether the resource has the skills, requirements and or certificates to perform the repair.

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