Data Cleanup Service

by LS Retail

Get rid of unwanted transaction data and save cloud space

Is your cloud space occupied by old retail transaction data that you don’t need anymore? Would you like to get rid of this data in the easiest, quickest way possible?

Data Cleanup Service helps you get rid of unnecessary retail transactions with zero effort.

It’s ideal for companies that

  • use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, and want a light and easy-to-use addon
  • want to optimize cloud space and resource use
  • need to purge old retail transactions which don’t have meaning anymore

Control the experience

  • Organize for productivity with a role-tailored, permission-controlled user interface.
  • Increase performance of batch-service configurations.
  • Want to keep some of your data? Export your transactions data to Azure Data Lake, and then remove them from your Dynamics 365 database.

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