RSM Grower Accounting for the Produce Industry

by RSM Product Sales LLC

RSM’s solution handles grower contracting, adjustments & advances, quality management and settlement

Our solutions are designed based upon our extensive industry experience and are built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management customers who are looking to extend the power and functionality of their solution investment.

RSM’s Grower Accounting solution meets the needs of customers in a variety of industries and focuses on the variable nature of produce and pricing changes throughout a season and across different locations.

With a specific focus on industries handling vegetables, fruits, grains and proteins like meat or seafood, the framework supports managing receipts based upon contracts not requiring a pre-established purchase order, allowing the flexibility to manage day-to-day harvest changes.

Contracts can be based upon receipt or sales based pricing and include adjustments and advances that will impact the producer settlement at the end of a defined period.

Due to the functionality being created as an integral part of the D365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management application, native ERP functionality like planning, quality control, cost accounting and inventory management are all part of the solution.

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