SMART Localization for Ukraine

by SMART business LLC

SMART Localization for Ukraine

SMART Localization for Ukraine on Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is developed in accordance and compliant within tax legislation for Ukraine.

This solution provides the ability to keep records of VAT on the basis of the first event, to generate regulatory reports in XML format. Additionally, key print forms in Ukrainian are presented.

The presence of a localization solution allows an enterprise to conduct its business fully in accordance with the laws of the country and provide all the necessary financial and tax reporting within a single information platform.

The user receives a convenient tool for daily work with reliable and relevant data. He gets access to this data from any device at any time he needs.

The solution includes the ability to integrate and exchange data with electronic reporting systems such as M.E.Doc, Liga: Report.

We have developed a complete list of the required reports in a regulated format, including for the formation and reporting of personnel and wage management .

An important component is the possibility of accounting for VAT and the formation of tax invoices for the first event (prepayment, shipment), partial payment and shipment.

What localization does:
• import of incoming tax invoices from the state register
• formation of accounting entries for accounting for input VAT
• generation of outgoing tax invoices based on the first event
• export of outgoing tax invoices to the state register
• formation of accounting entries for accounting of outgoing VAT
• print forms in Ukrainian for inventory management
• printed forms in Ukrainian for asset management

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