Workflow Engine and Task Management for PowerApps

by Advvy

Create workflow templates, deploy against any entity and manage tasks associated with that entity.

Advvy's Workflow Engine and Task Management solution supercharges new and existing D365 and PowerApps apps with task management capabilities. A major limitation of D365 is that an entity generally can only have 1 business process header, and that business process is generally linear. 
Advvy's Workflow Engine enables users to define their own business process - that is a series of Stages, Tasks and Subtasks, and have this workflow template deployed against an entity upon create. Each task can be predefined to be for a User, a role, role speciality and tasks can block tasks and be blocked by tasks. The entity will then have a new Tab called Workflow, and this entity will allow the users of the application to manage the stages and tasks. Tasks can have conditions and dependencies, and can be a trigger for Flow in PowerAutomate. Business processes can be competed either linear or non-linear. 

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