Bridgit Properia

by Bridgit Technologies AB

The platform for property focused companies

Bridgit Properia is the process-oriented platform that bridges the gap between the smart city ecosystem and today’s reality for real estate companies. It helps any company with a property portfolio – commercial, residential, or governmental – to manage them more efficiently and sustainably.

Bridgit Properia is a full product using Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform for property management. It is based around our smart "Properia Property Structure" which is a 360 view of the property, buildings, spaces, contracts for tenants, equipment with or without sensors that you like track, who is doing what in your properties (including own personnel, partners and sub-contractors) right now and in the future and much more. It not only helps you as a property owner or facility management company, but it also helps the tenants to know what is going on, when to expect help as well as scheduling and planning your own personnel and sub-contractors work. It can also be integrated with Dynamics 365 Sales management for adding even more revenue if Real Estate is your business – or any other part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  • 360 view of customers and properties including their structures with full overview of all activities in the buildings
  • Transparent and automated communication with customers and partners
  • Queue and role-based management of cases, properties, partners
  • Import all your property data with buildings including spaces, units, tenants, floor plans, sensors, utility data, and more – fully customizable.
  • Possibilities to connect the building structure with BIM solutions
  • Visualize information using embedded graphs and advanced analytics/dashboards
  • Mobile interface for all functionality
  • Manage inspections and rounds
  • Invoicing to customers and purchasing management for contractors
  • Contract management of customers and subcontractors
  • Warranty management of spaces and equipment
  • Project management for planned maintenance activities
  • Omni-channel communication with customers and partners including chat, chatbot, email, mobile, social media, telephony systems with full traceability linked to the property structure

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