Order Manager for D365

by CRM Dynamics Ltd

Order Manager for D365 CE

Looking for an Order Manager Software for Microsoft D365 to optimise your Sales Process?

Achieving a single view of demand, inventory, and supply is one of the most important challenges for businesses.

CRM Dynamics Limited presents its Order Management system that makes it easy for you to consolidate your manage orders in one centralised system.

Order management systems provide a way to not only increase efficiency but also improve fulfillment and the customer experience.

By managing your operations within a single platform, you can:

  • Saves time in processing orders
  • Eliminate the errors in order processing
  • Real-Time information through analytics across multiple sales channels
  • Manage your orders from anywhere
  • Centralise your orders received from multiple marketplaces
  • Track stock movement from warehouses to the customers
  • Handle returns and refunds
  • Maintain records of billing and payments
  • Process and fulfill orders

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