Sales Coach For D365

by CRM Dynamics Ltd

Sales methodology add-on for Opportunities. Plan and organise your sales effort for complex deal.

Sales Coach is a coaching and learning environment for sales and sales managers to review and plan a sales strategy for complex sales in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Apply a standardised sales methodology where sales work together to devise a sales strategy by analysing the prospects key initiatives, identification of stakeholder drivers & competitors involved.

Sales Coach is Configurable, you can apply any sales methodology that you already use.

Our Snap Shot feature allows progress to be tracked.

"Studies show that applying a structured sales methodology for a complex selling environment can increase sales by over 10% with no additional cost to the organisation."

Sales Coach Benefit Sales Efficiency In The Following Ways:

1. Action Plan

The key outcome of the Opportunity review is an action plan that improves the likelihood of a sale and a reduction in sales effort and time.

2. Qualification Accuracy
Qualification questions tease out the gaps in the sales plan. Each question is scored an can be used to fill in probability. Traffic lights scoring highlight unknowns or deficiencies.

3. Stakeholder Specific Communication Plan
By analysing the solution from the stakeholder perspective, it highlights the knowledge gaps and helps build a communication plan specific to each stakeholder.

4. Stakeholder Analysis
Sales are challenged to assess the stakeholders in terms of their strategic objectives, their buy in to your solution.

5. Competitor Analysis
Competitor strengths and weaknesses are captured and an action plan is devised to neutralise the competition.

6. Snapshot Opportunity
Following a review the analysis and action plan is snapshot so that it can be used to chart sale progress.

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