Dynamica Tagging

by Dynamica Labs

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Simple tagging solution that allows to "Tag" any record in CRM.

A Simple tagging solution that allows user to "Tag" any record in CRM inventing new tags or using existing tags

User can utilize pre-defined Table Forms for the most out of the box tables like: Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity etc.
Possibility to add "Tag Window" to any custom Table Form with connection option enabled.
User can compare tags ratings on the "Tagging Dashboard" using "Tags Cloud" or "Tags Rating" visualization sections.

Key Features:
-User can "Tag" multiple table records with the same tag or create a new one
-Relevance search of tags once user starts typing in the Tag's window and possibility to select the best choice
-Representation of tags rating on the separate "Tagging Dashboard" available for all users

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