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Data Deduplication Solution for Dynamics 365 CRM - Make decisions based on trustworthy data!

DeDupeD is a powerful data cleansing app for Dynamics 365 that assists users in swiftly identifying and managing duplicate CRM data. DeDupeD ensures data accuracy and quality by empowering organizations to effortlessly detect, prevent, and merge duplicate records within Dynamics 365. With a clean database, salespeople can save time on redundant activities, such as repeatedly reaching out to the same customer due to duplicated contact records. There is no need to manually sift through the CRM database to identify duplicate Dynamics 365 CRM records. The app can be configured to identify duplicate records within any out-of-the-box (OOB) or custom entities, whether they are leads, contacts, accounts, and more.

DeDupeD works with Dynamics 365 v9.1 & above and Dataverse. It supports the Online and On-Premise deployment model.

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Key Features of DeDupeD:

  • Duplicate Identification: DeDupeD detects duplicate records within Dynamics 365 CRM and Dataverse entities (OOB or Custom).
  • Duplicate Form Notification: If there are existing duplicates for a record, then the app will show you a form notification with the message “Duplicate records exist for this record”.
  • Merge Duplicate: Merge duplicate Dynamics 365 CRM/Dataverse records of the same entity, be it OOB or Custom, on the DeDupeD UI.
  • Form selection: You can enable duplicate detection on specific entity forms based on your requirements.
  • On-Demand Duplicate Identification: Users can identify duplicates on-demand directly from the entity record form and homegrid with just a click.
  • Duplicate Prevention: DeDupeD lets you prevent duplicate records on both the client side and server side, this helps minimize duplicates from the onset and ensures data quality.
  • Clean-up History Duplicate Records in Bulk: DeDupeD enables users to detect and merge Dynamics 365 CRM history duplicate records in bulk based on set criteria.
  • User-Friendly Interface: DeDupeD provides a user-friendly interface within Dynamics CRM, making it simple for users to clean duplicate Dynamics 365 data.
  • Custom Rules: DeDupeD allows you to customize duplicate matching rules depending on your business requirements to capture duplicate records.
  • Integration and Compatibility: The app seamlessly integrates with Dynamics CRM, leveraging its existing data infrastructure and security measures.
  • Impersonated Admin User: The app enables users to find duplicates for records they don’t have access to by impersonating another user within CRM.
  • Exclude Inactive Records: DeDupeD allows you to exclude inactive records from duplicate identification.

DeDupeD can help you maintain a clean CRM database by:

  • Enabling quick and simple duplicate detection and prevention.
  • Automating duplicate detection and eliminating the need to manually search and manage duplicates.
  • Enhancing data quality by resolving challenges caused by junk, redundant, and duplicate data.

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