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Group Calendar: Professional Scheduling

2.3 (7)

Professional scheduling in Dynamics 365: Overview of team and user schedules in functional views

Scheduling teams is not always simple - to help you out, we created GroupCalendar.

The solution provides multiple views including a GANTT-, Top-Down- and Agenda-View. Several features like Color-Coding or Drag & Drop rescheduling or Work-hour integration will help to schedule your resources effectively.

A simultaneous view of activities can be quickly received by selecting users, user groups (teams), resources or a group defined by an Advanced Find. For example: The head of the support department can get an overview of his subordinated activities and availability of resources in order to coordinate them efficiently and to avoid conflicts.

Have a look at the capabilities of GroupCalendar at a glance:

  • Effective scheduling of users, teams and resources-groups
  • Display certain time spans
  • More than 6 different visualization options: Agenda-, Timeline-, Gantt-, Top-Down-View …
  • Color-coding & Work-hour integration
  • Drag & Drop rescheduling
  • Simple definition of usergroups via Advanced Finds
  • Support for facilities and equipment (e.g. cars, meeting rooms,...)
  • Print options & print preview
  • Customizable content