Dynamics 365 Productivity Tools

by Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Productivity Tools for Dynamics 365 apps

Dynamics 365 Productivity Tools app provides capabilities that help users to perform day-to-day operations in a faster, efficient, and process compliant manner and deliver value to customers. This app contains the following tools: Macros, Agent Assist and Smart Assist. With Macros, agents can perform repetitive, monotonous tasks—Open model-driven app forms, pre-populate fields with the details, send an email to a customer, take notes, and much more—all in a single click. A macro is a set of instructions that tells the system how to complete a task. When an agent runs a macro, the system performs each instruction, and this helps save time and accommodate agents to handle more customer issues. Also, Macros provides preciseness, clarity and consistency to the tasks that agents perform. Agent assist provides guidance to agents about what they should to doing when they get a customer issue. It ensures that only accurate, company-endorsed information is being shared, while also safeguarding the organization regarding legal-compliance issues. Agent Assist helps your organization to be unified, accurate, and effective while being faster and more efficient in terms of customer handling. Smart assist provides suggestions to agents on what is the next-best course of action they need to take based on the real-time context of the customer interaction. The suggestions are intelligent and helps the agents to be more productive with knowledge articles, similar cases, and much more. The smart assist is available across all the channels supported by Omnichannel making it a consistent and intelligence experience for agents.

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