Send Customer Voice survey from Dynamics 365

by Microsoft

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Send a survey from Dynamics 365

Today, you can send surveys only from Dynamics 365 Customer Voice or Power Automate. There’s no such functionality where you can send a survey from within Dynamics 365.  

With this app, as a  Dynamics 365 user, you can send a Dynamics 365 Customer Voice survey to your customers from within the customer engagement application’s interface at the right time in the customer's journey. You don’t need a license and access to Dynamics 365 Customer Voice to send a survey. If a survey author has created a survey and shared it with you, you’ll have the capability to send the survey to a contact, opportunity, lead, account, case, or contract and from any custom entity that has the timeline enabled. As users spend most of the time in their customer engagement application, they won’t have to leave and switch to Dynamics 365 Customer Voice to send a survey on demand. They can easily do that from within their Dynamics 365 organization. Before sending survey, they can also preview the questions of the survey and make sure they are sending the correct one to their customers. They can specify values to variables that are used in the survey and  personalize it. With this functionality, users can use built-in Share permission to share the surveys they own with other team members without having to duplicate surveys in the system. 

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