Sustainability Manager - Automatic Scorecard and Goals creation

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A solution for the automatic creation of scorecard and goals in Microsoft Sustainability Manager.

This solution allows the automatic creation of scorecard and goals within Microsoft Sustainability Manager.
In a simplified interface, the user can configure the emission goals to be created. Currently, three options are available:
  • Goals by emission source
  • Goals by emission source and organizational unit
  • Goals by emission source and facility.
Once the selection is confirmed, goal previews are automatically created according to the selected configuration. After having inserted the starting values and the target values for the desired goal preview, the user can trigger the actual generation of the scorecard and goals in Sustainability Manager.
The goals generated in this way will already have:
  • the desired parental relations among each other
  • the definition for the calculation of the current value in order to perform automatic daily check-in
  • the logics for the status update, according to the current value (at risk, on track, met, unmet).
Attention. Microsoft Sustainability Manager is a pre-requisite to the deployment of this solution.

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