Task Management for Dynamics 365

by Skyline Consultants LLC

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Manage All Your Tasks on One Platform in a few clicks. Assign. Prioritize. Use Subtasks.

Skyline Consultants offers a simple and effective task management solution that lives entirely inside your existing Dynamics 365 Application while offering comparable utility to many of the leading tools on the market. Task Management for Dynamics 365 by Skyline Consultants is fully integrated to your company’s existing Dynamics 365 environment and offers your users a simple dashboard to create, view, manage, update, assign and work on their tasks each day.


Task Management for Dynamics 365 by Skyline Consultants allows users to comment on tasks, create sub-tasks, quickly sort tasks by due date, view Team task list, and many more exciting features. The best part of this solution is that it’s built on top of the existing Dynamics 365 Task entity, allowing your business to create and utilize the full power of Dynamics 365 automation and workflow capabilities. Any tasks you already have created in Dynamics will seamlessly transition to this new interface.


Task Management for D365 Key Functionalities:

  • User Friendly dashboard in Dynamics 365
  • View and manage tasks by User, Team
  • Easily create, update, and manage tasks
  • Monitor the statuses of other users’ tasks
  • Increase productivity through streamlined task management
  • Add and maintain tasks natively in Dynamics 365
  • Quickly sort tasks by any field
  • Create or reassign tasks to another user easily
  • Use the task description and comments to detail the goal of each task  
  • Real-time updates allow users to simultaneously work on the same task list


Task Management for D365 Additional Features: 

  • Task Priority (Low, Normal, High). 
  • Task Statuses for quick updates on all tasks
  • Sort tasks by deadline
  • Drag and Drop tasks according to your priorities 
  • Subtasks

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