Dynamics 365 for Wealth Management

by Xpedition

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Connect intelligence throughout your firm with tailored business applications for Wealth Management.

Dynamics 365 for Wealth Management is a comprehensive solution for wealth and asset management firms, investment managers, trust and fiduciary services, private banks and family offices.

Built by Xpedition on the market leading Microsoft Cloud platform, Dynamics 365 for Wealth Management is tailored for the specialised needs of your industry, helping you:

  • Leverage a holistic, 360-degree view of critical client and investment data | Maximise client value through the use of intelligent applications. Identify and prioritise key clients, accurately assess their value to your firm, and build a personalised communication strategy to nurture long-term relationships.
  • Deliver a digital, holistic client experience | With today’s investors demanding a personalised, digital client experience, Xpedition will help ensure your firm delivers an innovative, client-centric marketing, communication and investment strategy to solidify your position as a truly trusted advisor.
  • Source, track and acquire new clients to increase AUM | Track and strategically analyse beneficial relationships, prospective investments and referrals to increase your chances of on-boarding new clients. The greater your access to detailed intelligence, the better your firm can demonstrate affinity with the needs of each prospective client, increasing the chances of new acquisitions.
  • Build a powerful collaboration tool for your team to access to critical data, wherever they are | More than just a data platform, Xpedition Wealth Management is a powerful tool on which your team can collaborate. Providing a holistic overview of every client, CRM can help prevent the issues associated with individuals and teams working in siloes, leading to a more personalised, more efficient client engagement strategy.
  • Please note that this download only demonstrates only a small percentage of the core functions available within a full-scale deployment. As such, Xpedition advises speaking to one of our senior representatives to discuss your Dynamics 365 Wealth Management requirements in more detail.

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