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Versium Predict

Versium Analytics Inc.
Search. Enrich your data. Engage with the right prospects and leads. Included with Dynamics 365.

Quickly discover which of your leads are most likely to buy your product and get new high-value leads, on-demand all from within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Supercharge the data you already have about your customers to prioritize and nurture the right ones and maximize sales. Engage with relevance and deliver personalized marketing campaigns and communications. It’s built within Dynamics 365, so you can start focusing your team on high-value targets and convert more sales today!

  • Grow your pipeline: Focus on better high-value prospects likely to convert. Enrich the data on them for more personalized engagement.
  • Save money: No need for subscribing to multiple sources of data, news, and tools for scoring leads. Predict does all the modeling for you to find the best customers to engage with, right inside Dynamics 365.
  • Save time: Cut out the extra time outside your CRM researching customers and prospects to try to understand them better. Predict’s powerful business and customer data insights capabilities can enrich the data on your leads and accounts all from within Dynamics 365.

The power of Predict:

  • Search and Research: Search and research existing and new customers and businesses, then enrich your data about them within Dynamics 365.
  • Supercharged Customer Data: Predict’s LifeData® warehouse provides over 1 Trillion attributes of online and offline behavior, purchase interests, financial data, and more to add to your customer data.
  • AI Made Easy: Let Predict do the heavy lifting as it automatically creates predictive models and scores your leads with machine learning – all customized for your business goals.
  • Predictive Targeting: Quickly discover which of your leads are most likely to buy your products and get new high-value leads from Versium’s LifeData. Then focus your marketing and sales resources on those leads.
  • On Demand Results: Get the right leads with the most optimized business and customer data insights the industry has to offer within a matter of hours.
  • Optimized Sales and Marketing: Deeper, on-demand insights about your customers means that you can deliver more personalized engagement. The results: Higher conversion rates with lower sales and marketing costs.

Predict is included at no additional charge in Dynamics 365 subscriptions and is paid for by Microsoft. Just click “Get it now” to turn it on. Predict ensures secure handling of your CRM data.

Maximize your sales today!