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Versium Predict

Versium Analytics Inc.
Build B2B and B2C predictive models, score and generate leads, and gain new customer insights.

Accelerate your B2B and B2C marketing and sales campaigns with the power of predictive targeting.

Bypass the delays and overhead of creating your own extensive data sets or hiring data scientists — Versium puts all the power of machine learning into your hands, at the click of a button.

Know which leads are most likely to buy your products and acquire new high-value leads. Just use your existing leads, contacts, and accounts, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Predict uses your existing CRM data to build a predictive model that you can use to:

  • Score business and consumer leads
  • Generate new leads from Versium's LifeData® data warehouse

The enriched data, predictive scores, and new lead lists are all automatically added back into your CRM.

With the addition of Datafinder, you also get new insights right in the CRM records when you look at individual Leads, Contacts or Accounts. Open a lead, and scroll down for insights such as business contact, firmographics, and consumer demographics, when available.

Versium Predict customers see their conversion rates increase by as much as 350%. That's over 3 times greater conversion rates when compared to their previous, non-predictive campaigns.