FAQ Page

by Sergei Sergeev

(45 ratings)

FAQ Page allows you to easily set up your corporate Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Page is a SharePoint Add-in that allows you to display frequently asked questions and answers on your SharePoint site.


  • Control question ordering
  • Control animation for FAQ list or disable animation
  • Edit questions and answers using SharePoint build-in rich text editor
  • App part to show the list of FAQs on your host web
  • Additional possibility to edit FAQs through the SharePoint list


  • Added search support (disabled by default, enable it using "Common FAQ set settings" for particular FAQ set)


  • Search settings moved to the app part settings page.
  • Added ability to select multiple FAQ sets to display in the current app part.
  • Added filter support by FAQ set name.


  • Added custom css link support (visible in the edit mode for the app part)

FAQ Page doesn't support public-facing web sites.

Source code hosted on GitHub:

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