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Compare and Merge

Strive Technology Inc.

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Compare sheets, ranges, tables, lists. Cell-by-cell differences. Added, removed, and duplicate rows.

Save hours comparing, analyzing, and fixing information in Excel. With a few clicks you can compare sheets, ranges, tables, and all kinds of lists and line-of-business data, all without having to enter complex formulas. Quickly analyze the compare results with color coded cell-by-cell differences, data filters, and difference counts. Find added, removed, and duplicate rows in lists. Optionally, merge the differences into a new list of corrected or up-to-date information.

Compare and Merge can benefit a wide spectrum of users. For casual users, those possibly not comfortable with formulas and formatting, Compare and Merge can be used to quickly find differences and fix monthly reports, time sheets, and more. If you're a Department Administrator, for example, Compare and Merge can save you hours with repetitive tasks such as maintaining employee, customer, and various other lists. For financial services professionals, such as Accountants and Financial Analysts, Compare and Merge can help with your financial analysis and reporting spreadsheets. For technical and advanced Excel users, Compare and Merge is a great tool for data analysis and cleansing scenarios or by QA professionals for comparing baseline data to new/evolving data during development.

Select Methods are what make Compare and Merge different from other add-ins and apps. Select Methods provide innovative ways to get data into the compare ranges, data you may not even think is possible to compare. For example, using the Filtered Table Select Method you can compare data in the same table but with different column filters applied to the compare ranges. Select Methods can also automatically find the compare ranges for you. For example, the Current Date to Previous Select Method will automatically find and compare ranges based on sheet names ending with a certain date pattern such as "Sales Q1 2016" and "Sales Q4 2015".

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Compare and Merge Feature Summary:

  • Quickly find differences and resolve inconsistencies in monthly reports, time sheets, financial statements, SharePoint lists, data tables, and more
  • Compare ranges and lists of information, up to 25,000 cells in seconds
  • Select Methods provide innovative ways to get data into the compare ranges, including automatically finding the ranges to compare
  • Compare "current to previous" with one click where the compare ranges are found automatically based on Excel tab order or Excel sheet names containing dates, e.g. "Sales JAN-2016" compared to "Sales DEC-2015"
  • Compare data in the same table with different column filters applied to the Left and Right compare ranges
  • Compare the same range or table before and after refreshing the data from a database or manually changing the data
  • Merge differences into a new list of corrected or up-to-date information
  • Save Compares to run with one-click later
  • Quickly find added, deleted, or duplicate rows and accept or reject them into the merged result
  • Analyze differences in information using colors, data filters, and difference counts
  • Find and reconcile changes in information from one period to another
  • Merge differences using the Task Pane with intuitive merge controls and options
  • Display the compare results in an Excel table or the Task Pane
  • Use several options to fine-tune the compare calculation and results including column and row headers, calculation direction, decimal places, and custom date and text handling

NOTE: Compare and Merge is available in Excel 2016 or later and Excel Online.

Add-in capabilities
When this add-in is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet