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Attendance Information - grasps team members

Aiprovide Corporation

By using that you can connect to SharePoint Online, you can grasp the members' current activities.

Using our "Aiprovide Attendance Information", you can take the best way to communicate with team members according to the current members' activity situation.

- Feature -

(1) You can see the status of the members of the team at a glance.

(2) You can group members based on the organization hierarchy.

(3) Member search is possible.

(4) You can leave a message.

(5) It can also be used as a mail address book.

(6) You can notify all team members.

(7) You can send e-mail to all team members.

(8) The appearance can be changed.

- Supported browsers -

Edge, Chrome, IE11 Firefox

(This add-in does not work before IE10.)

- Overview -

- Feature -

- Initial setting -

- Background of development -

The behavior of each employee's day is various. Sometimes he/she works in the floor, when he/she is on holiday, when he/she goes out, goes out and attends meetings.

If you decide to contact someone, the means of contact will change depending on whether he/she is in the company, whether he/she is off, going out, or is in a meeting.

Sometimes you go to a direct talk, sometimes contact him/her by cell phone, and you may contact by message or e-mail.

Especially when the floor is far away, or it is a satellite office, it is difficult to immediately grasp the situation of the member.

In such a case, don’t you think that it is convenient when you know the current situation of the member no matter where the member is.

By using "Aiprovide Attendance Information", you can use the circumstance that you can connect to SharePoint Online, you can grasp the current situation of the members in any case.