DiscoverMe Online

by FidraSoft Limited

Easily manage skills, find expertise and build teams in your organisation with DiscoverMe.


DiscoverMe Online focuses on doing two things really well:

  • It makes it so easy for anyone to find others with specific expertise, skills or experience and contact them;
  • By simplifying things, DiscoverMe Online encourages people to update their profiles, making their skills discoverable.

In just a couple of minutes, a person can update their profile and then be found by anyone searching for those skills.


DiscoverMe Online deploys as an add-in to Microsoft's SharePoint platform, using existing IT infrastructure and processes.

DiscoverMe Online can use any version of SharePoint Server on premises from 2013 onward, or just use SharePoint Online.

There is also the option to have DiscoverMe Online licensed as a self-contained hosted solution, linking to your existing SharePoint Online or on premises environment.


DiscoverMe Online has been created by FidraSoft to take advantage of standardised vocabularies, or taxonomies. If you don't already have your own taxonomy, DiscoverMe Online provides licensed customers with full access to pre-built and curated taxonomies. This provides:

  • European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations Taxonomy (ESCO) - the only European standard terminology linking skills and competences and qualifications to occupations for use in DiscoverMe Online's skills classification pick lists;
  • A controlled vocabulary that can be customised to your specific needs to support easy and consistent employee profile updates;
  • All versions of DiscoverMe provide improved Term Store management in SharePoint with W3C SKOS import and export.


DiscoverMe is automatically available for free for the first 100 users for 28 days.

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