Dynamic Forms for Microsoft 365


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Create new forms dynamically based on your business needs or using existing SharePoint lists.

NOTE:This offering is based on Microsoft's latest SharePoint Framework(SPFx) solution model, and will be unaffected by Microsoft's addin retirement move.

Introducing Dynamic Forms, the versatile solution for creating dynamic and interactive forms on your SharePoint Intranet.

SharePoint basic forms offer limited capabilities with lack of needed features like the ability to hide or show fields based on user input or other conditions or to use custom layout templates. They also do not provide many options for customizing the appearance or behavior of forms, such as adding custom buttons or actions. As a result, businesses that need more advanced or dynamic forms may need to look for alternative solutions.

Exclusive New Features of Dynamic Forms Add-In:

  • Automated Approvals: Configure automated approval processes specific to SharePoint groups or users or directly the requested users Line Manager. Streamline workflows and accelerate decision-making with less manual intervention.
  • Timeline View: Visualize the status of each request with an intuitive timeline view. This feature enhances transparency and aids in efficient request management.
  • Personalized Dashboards: Custom dashboards provide an overview of 'My Requests' and 'My Pending Approvals', offering a personalized way to manage and track submissions.

Create dynamic forms that are more interactive and tailored to your specific business needs. Dynamic Forms can improve the usability and effectiveness of forms making it easier for users to work with data. Being fully responsive, it requires less learning curve and features easy to use and configure.

Typical use-case scenarios where you would need to get input from users in different contexts can be:

  • HR operations like Employee Onboarding, Leave and Travel Request, etc
  • HR or Administration processes forms
  • Issue logging and tracking
  • Feedback and Survey forms
  • Compliance and Approval forms

More Features of Dynamic Forms Add-In:

  • Set up Dynamic Forms with easy configuration and NO CUSTOM CODE
  • Custom dashboard view to view data
  • Great flexibility to setup custom conditions of form fields as per your business needs
  • Embed formatted help sections to guide users
  • Create new form based on your requirements or generate a form dynamically based on your existing SharePoint lists
  • Validation for custom fields
  • Support for various SharePoint column types
  • Choose the fields to be shown in the form
  • Choose the fields to be marked as readonly while editing data
  • Custom order of the fields
  • Audit of your individual record (View the history)
  • Provide comments on the data to promote collaboration

Basic Instructions:

  • Install the Dynamic Forms solution on a new site manually
  • Please do not enable the addin at global catalog level, after approving, make sure to select the option to, only enable the addin
  • Visit the user guide for more instructions present inside the webpart or our Setup guide

We understand that the requirements of every organization are different and hence we are open to offering customized versions of this Add-In.

We also provide consulting and demo sessions on request to interested teams, to allow them better to utilize the capabilities of the tool.

If you're interested in maximizing the capabilities of Dynamic Forms, we're here to help. Reach out to us through our website, and we can provide consulting and demo sessions tailored to your team's needs.

Note: Components include SharePoint Full page webpart and SharePoint Webpart

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