Sintel BI

by Sintel

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Build dashboards and reports on Microsoft 365 in minutes with no code!

Sintel BI is an add-in for Microsoft 365 that permits you to build apps with dashboards and reports on Microsoft 365.

Business users can build interactive dashboards with components such as data grids, images, text, summary cards, and filters.

Its flexibility and ease of use enables users to build apps without burdening the IT department.

When combined with Sintel Forms users can build apps on Microsoft 365 in minutes using a platform that’s easy to use and requires no code!

The solution includes a SharePoint Web Part and a SharePoint Full page and is available for all versions of Microsoft 365.

New features are released regularly and our last release was on April 2024.

Sintel BI provides:

  • Dashboards and Reports with
  • Easily configured components and
  • Built in Theming providing
  • Rapid prototyping and
  • A simple and easy deployment mechanism


  • Built on SharePoint
  • Zero coding skills required
  • Implement responsive apps in minutes
  • Available for all versions of Microsoft 365
  • Fully documented online help with articles and training videos

How to install Sintel BI

How to configure Sintel BI

How to use Sintel BI

Once you have added the product to your Microsoft 365 Tenant you will be enrolled in a 30-day no-obligation trial containing all features.

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