Carousel by Accelerator 365

by Reply Ltd

Displays multiple calls to action on an automatic transition in a single area of a SharePoint page.

The Carousel web part displays multiple slides in one area of a SharePoint page, saving valuable screen real estate.

Content authors can create slides, each with a unique image, title and link, and add this collection to any sized section on a page. The web part can be set to automatically transition between slides on page load.

Carousel offers you the following features:

  • Flexible display - Multiple options are available in the web part for the display of the slides in any sized section. Optionally set the slides to automatically rotate.
  • Easy to manage - Drag and drop slides to quickly reorder and reflect the priority of your content. Add new slides with just a few clicks and make sure your content is seen.
  • Carousel - The Carousel is optimally designed for any and all devices, whether your users are accessing SharePoint on desktop browsers or mobile devices. Reduce the noise on a page, put an end to nonstop scrolling, and make information more accessible.
  • Viva Connections ready - Like all Accelerator apps, Carousel is compatible with Viva Connections, meaning that your content can be viewed via Microsoft Teams.
  • Reusable - As a web part, the Carousel can fit into your page wherever it is needed. Whether you have 2 slides or 10 slides, the Carousel can manage any amount of content. Use it across multiple pages and sites no matter the page design.

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*Claim a free trial with full functionality for 60 days. After 60 days, the Carousel trial will expire with instructions for purchasing a licensed version.

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