Thrive Global

by Thrive Global Holdings Inc.

Thrive is a behavior change coach built into Microsoft Teams to help you improve overall well-being.

Thrive for Microsoft Teams meets people where they are and improves their overall well-being without disrupting their workflows.


Thrive Today: Small, science-backed Microsteps you can take immediately to build sustainable new habits. Select Microsteps in the areas where you could use a boost (Recharge, Food, Move, Focus, Money, and Connect), and receive prompts to check in and track your progress, without ever leaving Teams. You'll also see inspiring stories from your colleagues about their own behavior change journeys.

Thrive Learn: Best-in-class interactive programs combine cutting-edge science with storytelling to inspire action and create a thriving culture. Our programs are available for self-paced learning in Teams via bite-sized, 3-5 min videos for additional flexibility.

Thrive Reset: Reset in Teams helps you prevent virtual fatigue and de-stress in real time, and it only takes 60 seconds! You can customize your Resets by selecting your favorite photos, quotes and music that bring you joy. You can also experience over 100 pre-loaded Resets on topics like gratitude, stretching, mindfulness and more.

Thrive Challenges: Thrive Challenges within Teams adds a new layer of motivation and incentive to support habit formation in Thrive's Journeys: Recharge, Food, Move, Focus, Money and Connect. Prioritize what matters the most to you and participate in a 7 or 21-day Challenge experience along with your colleagues in a Challenge Group for a peer network of support. After completing your Challenge, reflect on how it went and share your story to become a Role Model for others.

Thrive Pulse: Capture valuable in-the-moment insights on how you are doing across key areas —like resilience, burnout risk, and focus— by answering brief questions or "pulses" about your well-being right within Teams. Then receive targeted interventions to help you take action to improve your well-being.

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