Hybrid Healthy

by Digital Workplace Limited

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Be Hybrid, choose to work remote, office or mobile, and see your colleagues work location.

Be Hybrid, choose to work from office, remote or mobile, and see your colleagues work location.

Being Hybrid Healthy is a balance between working effectively together with your colleagues or productively at home.

With the Hybrid workplace now the new normal we find ourselves collaborating and working in new Spaces and Places. Some of these new places are completely virtual and other times we are returning to an office space which has been transformed to support our new ways of working.

We want to make sure our time in the office is with spent collaborating with our colleagues and we aren't missing any key events during our days at home.

Hybrid Healthy is an app built for Microsoft Teams that helps your colleagues coordinate working days.

Hybrid Healthy features enable you to

Inform colleagues on your work location decision based on your teams location and your calendar events

• View your teammates' location data.

• Request your colleagues' location

• Coordinate your team with our bot

• Suggestions on best working locations for you week

• Integrate with Microsoft Teams to show your close colleagues and chat channel members.

• Integrate with your Microsoft Outlook calendar and flags your the best meeting location.

• View data insights around your company's hybrid habits

• Use filters to find the location of team members that matter the most to you.

Hybrid Healthy is new so please enjoy it for free and connect with us via our website with your feedback and to join our mailing list for to be informed of new features being launched soon.

Click the blue 'Get it Now' button above to get started with Hybrid Healthy today:

• First, you will be asked to confirm your Microsoft account details to continue,

• Then, you’ll be redirected to Microsoft 365 to complete the process,

• Lastly, you’ll be able to read a Hybrid Healthy Overview, before you open the App.

• Enjoy!

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