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Track and visualize progress for individual targets with precision | Power BI Certified

Advanced Linear Gauge by MAQ Software

Setting and tracking targets is crucial, regardless of what industry you’re in. Advanced Linear Gauge by MAQ Software offers a dynamic and intuitive way to visualize progress towards these targets. Whether you're monitoring sales per commodity type or other KPIs, this tool provides clear insights into your performance against set goals.

Key benefits

Basic edition:

  • Customizable visualization: Tailor primary gauge and data labels to your needs.
  • Color-coded insights: Assign colors to primary bars based on categories, with the option to standardize gauge color across all elements.
  • Improved labeling: Customizable axis and category labels for better clarity.
  • Target plotting: Set and display a single measure as your target.
  • Interactive elements: Selection support on primary bar and category labels, complemented by informative tooltips.
  • Format compatibility: Fully supports Power BI formats for dates, KMB, etc.
  • Context menu support: Improved user interaction through an intuitive context menu.

Premium edition:

  • Extended target fields: Incorporate up to five target fields, each with its own settings.
  • Comparison gauge: Plot an inner gauge for comparative analysis.
  • Color rules: Customize primary bar colors based on comparison or target values.
  • Aligning multiple targets: Use customizable connecting bars for better target alignment.
  • Display ratio customization: Adjustable display ratio under Gauge options in the format pane.

Use cases:

  • Financial services: See how spending stacks up against allocated budgets for the year or quarter with colored bars, highlighting potential overspending.
  • Sales teams: Stay on top of performance with multiple target lines, instantly identifying underperforming regions or products.
  • Marketing departments: Compare impressions, views, and clickthrough rates against campaign targets, revealing which strategies are driving results.
  • Operations management: Ensure production efficiency by monitoring daily output against targets, visually identifying areas for improvement.

Support & Community

Have questions or need support? Visit our community on Zendesk for insights and assistance: MAQ Software Support.

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