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Flow Chart to visuzalize process data, tickets, tasks, variants with up to millisecond accuracy

With the analysis of existing processes, inefficiencies and potential for optimization can be found in the process. With the SCvation Flow Visual, these processes, process developments and the timing of events, actions or activities can be displayed. The events are arranged in the flow visualization according to the chronological sequence. The visualization calculates the number of runs of the cases or process instances and the average duration between the individual events and displays these as key figures in the visualization. The number of runs is also reflected in the line width of the transition. The data in the form of event logs is required for the representation of processes and process sequences: ID/Case/Process Instance Event/Action/Activity Timestamp The visualization also interacts with other visualizations, the flow visualization can filter other visualizations. Users can make various settings for flow visualization via their own menu. Orientation of the visualization Formatting (Color/text/number format/…) Documentation:

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