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Fastest way to visualize , explore performance variances & tell data stories with 50+Advanced Charts

Inforiver Charts is the fastest way to visualize your hierarchies as visual pivot tables and share performance management insights in Microsoft Power BI. Using 50+ advanced visualization options including column and bar, line and area, lollipop, waterfall, stacked, cluster, variances, executive funnel, KPI cards, slope graph, and combination charts along with the most requested visual on Power BI - The dual-axis chart. This helps users build data stories in minutes and share actionable performance insights through an intuitive no-code user experience (UX).

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Key highlights:

  • Performance management visualizations for both comparative and non-comparative measures with integrated variances in a single click. Variances for prior year with year-over-year (YoY) growth, budget and forecast data with variances along with totals are all calculated automatically.

  • Exploratory analysis with contextual drill-down, drill-up and drill-across hierarchical navigation spanning multiple dimensions with dynamic layouts and a responsive design to analyze and explore the details of your data.
  • Storytelling and data-point annotations to tell compelling stories using dynamic data-level comments. Supports small-multiples, flexible text orientation, dynamic data tags, and more. Type in and reference data points which will dynamically change with your data and the trend. Intelligent references to pick colors from the charts to build insightful stories.
  • Advanced Trellis aka small multiples to analyze trends across various data categories in a single click with highly responsive layouts, context-based titles, analytics and comments. Matrix mode within small multiples helps users perform multi-dimensional analysis with cross-tabular layout of charts visualizing data across multiple categories/dimensions.
  • Integrated KPI Cards with multiple conditional-formatted benchmarks and variances that can be generated in a single click; supports small multiple mode as well
  • Small form factor (SFF) UX design with support for multiple devices including mobiles and tablets. The visual maintains optimal data-ink ratio for all types of visualizations.
  • Most voted features: Rich feature set which includes the most requested capabilities in Power BI Idea place and Power BI user community, such as:
    • Measure-driven data labels
    • 100% stacked bar with column totals
    • Stacked waterfall chart
    • Gradient line chart
    • Dynamic axis break
    • 1-click variance analysis
    • Flexible number formatting
    • Highlight variances between any two data points
    • Scale bands

Inforiver is certified by International Business Communication Standards (IBCS).

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