HR Analytics from Inference Labs

by Inference Labs Private Limited

A solution to generate 360 degree HR insights

The HR Dashboard is an integral part of managing HR. It allows the Human Resource team to track, analyze and report the whole business on HR KPIs, which helps managers to create a better work environment and hire the best candidates. In this sample dashboard, we have shown attrition and absent rate, participation in skill enhancement courses, and the ideal time to hire new employees. Different filters like Region, Unit, Department, etc. have also been added for better insights.

The app provides the below insights:

  1. Attrition is the departure of employees from the organization. Attrition can be either Voluntary or Involuntary. In the dashboard you can view voluntary or involuntary attrition each year and across different BU, departments, regions, entities, etc. using filters. Different bar charts in the dashboard represent attrition rate across BU, department, band, etc., and the main reason for attrition, and comparison of average tenure across BU of active employees and employees who left the organization.
  2. Education Background dashboard gives insights on which campus brings the star employees by plotting the average primary score of different campuses and the average tenure of employees coming through different campuses.
  3. Employee Performance dashboard shows the performance of employees in different departments, BUs, and resource groups, tenure-wise employee performance, the comparison of actual performance to target performance, and comparison of the performance of employees who left and active employees.
  4. Absenteeism refers to the non-presence of employees at work. There can be numerous reasons for missing work in an organization. The absenteeism dashboard shows the distribution of different reasons for the leave and absent rates across different BUs, regions, and departments, and the absent rate trend each year.
  5. Time to Recruit is a recruiting metric which measures the efficiency of the hiring process. The dashboard shows open and closed positions in different departments and a comparison between average turnaround time and SLA for open and closed positions which will tell the ideal time to hire new employees.
  6. Employee Training courses are to upskill employees for better performance. The dashboard shows the participation of employees in different courses and average time spent on each course by the employees and the feedback of employees for each course.

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