Datonis® Manufacturing Intelligence (MInt)

by Altizon Systems Private Limited

Datonis Manufacturing Intelligence (MInt) to start your journey to Digital Manufacturing

Get unmatched insights into what is happening on your plant floor using Datonis® Mint. Integrate all your manufacturing operations data from multiple sources. Use the power of IoT, big-data analytics, and machine learning to turn large amounts of manufacturing data into knowledge that can drive real business results.

Functional Features

Connect your heterogeneous plant floor systems.

Datonis® Manufacturing Intelligence(MInt) provides rapid connectors to integrate plant data from all your disparate plant-floor systems. Collect data from machines, existing SCADA and DCS systems, Enterprise Data Historians and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) to a single repository that provides a unified view into all your manufacturing operations data.

Measure Key Performance Indicators that matter

Datonis® Manufacturing Intelligence(MInt) allows you to define and track KPIs that are relevant to your plant operations. These include measuring Performance indicators like Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Capacity Utilization (CU) and Machine Downtime analysis, analyzing key Machine, Process and Quality parameters and establishing Product Genealogy and Part Traceability and identifying conditions that affect machine and asset performance.

Analyze KPIs using Business Intelligence

Datonis® MInt (Manufacturing Intelligence) has Business Intelligence (BI) built in. Build your own reports that track the KPIs that are relevant to you and share it with your team. Set up alerts and monitoring to track KPIs that deviate from what they should be.

Integrate Manufacturing Intelligence into your business applications

Datonis Manufacturing Intelligence (MInt) provides a robust set of connectors to integrate MI into your business systems like ERP, CRM and Enterprise Planning and Scheduling systems. Use the Datonis® MInt API to build custom adapters if you need added flexibility.

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