Ampetronic Loopworks

by Ampetronic

Loopworks : Hearing loop Design Tool, Measurement App and training materials

Ampetronic Loopworks suite of tools includes a powerful Design Tool, Measurement App, comprehensive training materials and direct access to our friendly and knowledgeable support team.

Over 100 years of combined engineering experience, our dedication to our customers and our commitment to assistive listening standards, provides assurance we will give you all the support and training you need to get the best possible results from your hearing loop development and testing.

The combined tools provide end-to-end solution to your hearing loop projects that will save you time and money and showcase your standing as a hearing loop expert.

Loopworks simplifies and informs every aspect of the hearing loop design and specification process. From site survey to final commissioning. Loopworks increases efficiency, facilitates Standards compliance and streamlines the whole loop design and testing process, saving time and money.

Our aim is to ensure that every hearing loop installed provides a genuine benefit to hearing aid users. With Loopworks, we empower our loop installers, designers and specifiers with market-leading tools and knowledge that enable them to design and specify their own, high-quality systems.

Ampetronic want our clients to shine in front of their own customers, with that in mind, we have made Loopworks tools available online so that you can demonstrate your capability in producing installation drawings and technical reports to enhance confidence and engender trust.

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