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Appranet, Powering mobile teams

App la Carte

Equip your team on the move with a mobile app. No more bulky manuals, process documents.

Appranet is a smartphone app that is built for mobile teams.

Appranet can digitise documentation, forms and paperwork for mobile access. This helps to streamline processes, reduce admin and increase data accuracy. This, in turn, helps Mobile teams ensure that the company is fully compliant with accurate records and his offsite teams can get more done.

In addition, Appranet can enable remote teams to access important data on-the-go, even when in rural areas or when they’re offline

Use cases:
Health and Safety manuals and induction
Incident report in real time
Create digitised job sheets
Mobilise internal process through forms like Leave forms and Timesheets
Sales and Marketing material

Appranet is ...
Multi-Platform - Supports both mobile and tablet devices - available on iOS and Android
Digitise Internal Documents - A single app to access documents, health and safety manuals and product catalogs
Intuitive CMS - Real-time updates through an intuitive Content Management System
Offline Support - Conduct forms even in remote areas with no internet access, and upload later
Digitise Paperforms - Create digital forms to replace paper processes and forms. Digitally capture quality information in the field
Custom Branding - Customise the app with your branding, logo, and colours