by AR4vision

The AR4vision is a solution that enables remote audiovisual support

Description of AR4vision application

The AR4vision application and the augmented reality glasses Microsoft Hololens is a solution that enables remote audiovisual support for two people in different locations. Employees performing maintenance operations need remote support of people located in the company's headquarters. In addition, they need materials and files that support the work. The solution is a remote collaboration tool providing the ability to voice and video communication in real time, or the ability to transfer files. This speeds up the performance of tasks by employees and experts.

Description of HoloLens and desktop application functions

After logging in, the desktop application allows you to connect and stream the image from the HoloLens application. The user of the desktop application has a toolbox available from which he can choose tools for drawing holograms (simple arrow, free line, free line with an arrow, rectangular selection) supporting the process of instructing a user using HoloLens. The desktop application user can delete the last hologram drawn, or all of them using the Backspace and Delete keys or through the buttons available in the toolbox. In addition, there is possibility to send PDF documents from desktop application to the HoloLens user. The document is displayed as an object that follows the user's eye or can be pinned in space. Both desktop and HoloLens users can change pages of a document.

Why customers use AR4vision


-Distance assistance during maintenance and repairs in case of breakdown
-Acceleration of service and repair operations
-Increased effectiveness of service departments and maintenance
-Remote checks and remote service of machines and devices
- Quick access to expert knowledge


-Distance trainings and sharing of knowledge
-An innovative way of training
-Quick access to expert knowledge

Benefits for companies

Savings resulting from reduced repair time, number of duty trips or machine downtime are just some of the advantages of using remote assistance with the AR4vision application. In particular:
-Reduced travel expenses
-Costs reduction
-Reduced repair time
-Reduced duration of the service
-Maximizing customer satisfaction.

Our Clients

The company's offer is addressed to companies in the industrial and service sector, in particular services and maintenance departments of these enterprises. The product also has other uses, including remote trainings.

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