NTT Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams

by Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd.

Record and archive your Teams calls, meetings, screen sharing and chat

ASC Recording Insights is a Microsoft certified native built cloud solution for Teams, providing secure capturing and hosted in Microsoft Azure, integrating seamlessly with your collaboration platform. Protect your business and ensure you are meeting legal or compliance requirements. Capture insights to improve how your staff collaborates and serve customers to drive better business performance.
What you will get from ASC Recording Insights:
  • Recording & archiving of audio, video, screen sharing and chat – in combination or alone.
  • Full administration control, including automatic or manual recording control, access and playback rights management.
  • Insights and analytics via reports generated on usage, compliance and data logs.
  • Secure capturing with tenant-specific data encryption, group admin via Azure Directory and individual arching rules.
  • Importing & exporting of recordings.
  • Transcriptions (speech to text) in 80+ languages and translations in 70+ languages.
  • Predefined keyword display, categorization and searching.

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