Atcom Netvolution WCM


Atcom Netvolution WCM

Netvolution™ is a Web Content Management powerhouse, bringing your business operations to the web and enabling you to fully control them with minimal effort.
Netvolution™ is an asset of any organization. Netvolution™'s success lies in the facilitation of business processes, as well as the workflow optimization of all involved parties.
Netvolution™ was crafted from ATCOM’s valuable 18-year experience, embodying all features needed in a Web Content Management System of its caliber to power a vast collection of different verticals.
It provides the basis for a plethora of Web-based applications, such as:

  • News Portals
  • E-commerce Stores
  • Intranet
  • Extranet and Mobile Applications

Content management life cycle simple and efficient, becomes a competitive advantage for any business.

Netvolution™ v. 5 is both a platform, on top of any demanding web solution, as well as a web content management system that any user, with minimal training, can use to maintain and process content for any web application.
Netvolution™'s powerful development features minimize implementation times, while its consistent and easy environment allow the involvement of users of any expertise level in the day-to-day content management tasks. Netvolution™ is a vital cost-efficient solution that enhances productivity and opens up advanced functionality to non-technical users. The rich, out-of-the-box functionality and ease of use ensures a quick and high return on investment.
Netvolution™ enables organizations to gain control of their web business without having to resort to outsourcing. With minimal training and almost no technical knowledge, all company employees can participate in the content management and other business processes.

Netvolution™ core provides tremendous power, offering features that include:

  • optimal page assets and file management
  • user and rights management
  • content versioning
  • load balancing and cloud support
  • smart editing and live preview
  • multiple languages
  • content workspaces
  • SEO targeted redirect management
  • scheduling facilities for publishing and long processes handling
  • rule engine utilisation for several operations
  • extension capabilities
  • forms and grid personalisation
  • full-action logging
  • automated rule-based tagging
  • full content search

  Αtcom SA has mplemented several vertical solutions the most notable of which are the Publishing and E-commerce ones.

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