Sustainability Suite (Cloud Version)

by Cogneum Ltd

Improves governance and mitigates financial & reputational risks associated with sustainability


Managing non-financial performance and non-financial reporting are essential parts of an organisation’s activity. Those that do it well are rewarded with an improved reputation, increased revenues and a higher valuation. Cogneum helps organisations manage their sustainability, governance and regulatory information and reporting workflows more efficiently. This lets them track their non-financial performance, deliver more accurate and auditable reports, reduce financial and reputational risk and improve corporate governance. There are five challenges that many organisations are facing in this area:
  1. poorly structured way of collecting and storing relevant information with little or no audit capability, which makes reporting and assurance more difficult,
  2. many manual processes, which are costly, error prone and increase risk,
  3. hard to keep track of the many frameworks and regulations (and their updates) making compliance more challenging,
  4. a lack of transparency and accountability within organisations and between organisations and their stakeholders (such as regulators and investors), and
  5. as information is coming from many sources, both internal and external, there is a need to be able to manage this decentralised process in a streamlined centralised manner.
To meet these challenges, we developed Sustainability Suite™, a SaaS solution built on Microsoft Azure.

Sustainability Suite™

Sustainability Suite™ helps organisations identify, track and collect required information, from inside and outside the organisation, and to create sustainability, compliance, regulatory and risk management reports. It can also be used by stakeholders, including regulators and investors, as an efficient and transparent way to define requirements and collect and review reports from reporting institutions. It is a secure and scalable platform to boost efficiency and accuracy in reporting and information management and ensure organisations can actively manage reputational and financial risk. It saves time and drives transparency and accountability within organisations and between organisations and their stakeholders.


In addition to the software platform Cogneum deliver a collection of services around Sustainability Suite™ to get organizations up and running quickly. They include: installation, configuration, workflow review and training.

Use Cases

Sustainability Suite™ can be used by companies to define, track and report relevant sustainability/ESG, governance and regulatory information. Other use cases include: compliance, risk management, fund/portfolio reporting, performance improvement and stakeholder communication. Investors, regulators and other compliance bodies can also use the product in order to clearly define what information must be disclosed and to collect and review that information from organisations supplying the relevant information.

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