Straatos BPM Platform

by CumulusPro Pte Ltd

Accelerate your business transformation with Straatos low-code development and workflow automation.

Straatos is a cloud-based BPM platform that enables organisations rapidly build and manage workflow solutions and business apps for their digital transformation needs. Straatos business apps help to address specific business process, improve customer experiences and drive operational efficiencies. Using best-of-breed BPM tools and methodologies, A.I. machine learning, cloud, mobile, and web technologies, Straatos streamlines and improves business processes digitally. Hosted and built natively on Microsoft Azure cloud platform, Straatos is offered as a SaaS solution and accessible from any location with internet connection.

Solutions and App developed on Straatos:

· BPO Platform - Offers BPO providers, multi-tenanted BPM platform-as-a-service and flexible pricing.

· Expense claims app - Expense management solution that streamlines employees reimbursement processes.

· Invoice processing app - Workflow solution that speeds up AP process. Eliminates repetitive, time-consuming task and invoice processing activities.

· ID verification app - Quick and efficient customer onboarding experience using ID verification and facial recognition technology.

· Mortgage processing app - Helps digital lenders streamline mortgage origination and customer onboarding process on a single platform. 

· Proof of delivery solution – Helps supply chain management operators intelligently capture/validate large volumes of delivery notes using A.I. and workflow automation technologies.

With Straatos you can: 

  • Use easy-to-understand BPMN 2.0 graphic notations to build business workflows.
  • Design process models with visual drag and drop user interface flow objects. Extract, transform data into accurate actionable information with recognition technologies (ABBYY OCR, Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services).
  • Add data tables, index fields, data views and configure routing rules with minimal, no coding effort. Connect flow objects graphically in BPMN process model. Deploy the business/workflow app with a “Publish” button.
  • Centrally administers business process environment with single touchpoint(Straatos Admin Panel). Monitor and resolve bottlenecks with web based process monitoring tools.
  • Connects to any line of business applications through API’s and webhooks.

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