DeepBrain AI

by DeepBrain Inc

Humanize your digital interactions & engagements with DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI provides innovative and award-winning solutions that leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to quickly create hyper-realistic digital humans that inform, solve and guide users through thousands of possible scenarios and real-time interactions.

Our digital humans are uniquely developed from real people, using their real voices, physical appearances, gestures, and regional dialects. We can create your own digital human of a spokesperson, celebrity, etc in-studio, or you can choose from one of our off-the-shelf options.

In a world that demands rapid deployment of information, our solutions efficiently and seamlessly deliver a user experience built on versatility and accuracy and presented in a lifelike, instantaneously recognizable, and trustworthy form. In short, we HUMANIZE digital interactions and engagements.

Our platforms support the development and delivery of content for conversational and non-conversational use cases with integration support via our SDKs and APIs.

Here are some of the solutions we provide and the industries we support:

AI HUMAN - Our platform to develop, test, and deliver a real-time conversational digital human on the web, mobile, etc. (Retail, Finance, Healthcare, etc.)

AI STUDIOS - Our script-to-video SaaS platform to create, edit, and synthesize digital content with digital humans in minutes! (Media, Education, etc.)

AI KIOSK - Deliver digital human engagement solutions on the edge or in the cloud with NLP and interactive windows (Retail, Finance, Healthcare, etc.)

3D/METAVERSE - We have various projects in development currently, let discuss!

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