Asset Management Software

by Ecoeffy SAS

Manage and control the availability and hours of operation of fixed assets.

Today, companies have an emerging need to increase productivity and reduce costs. Faced with this situation, many of the most competitive companies have turned to asset management to differentiate their businesses and make them more efficient. It is important to be clear about what exactly an asset is. Assets are any tangible or intangible object that is under the domain of a given company, such as:+ money, licenses, machines, equipment, office supplies, tools, corporate fleet vehicles, among others. In general, assets are the goods that the organization requires for its operation, i.e. to produce income.

The main objective of asset management is to coordinate the life cycle of assets. It is the set of activities aimed at extracting value from the company's assets, assessing the opportunities, risks and desired performance of each asset, in order to establish priorities.

The objective of asset management is to maximize the efficiency of assets throughout their life cycle, minimize failures, reduce losses and maximize profits.  Our solution has great benefits in the following industries: 
 - Chemical
 - Utilities, 
 - Mining
 - Transportation

With our app you manage, track and control the location, capacity usage and operating hours of assets such as: machinery, vehicles, buildings, IT equipment, inventories and high-value tools.

By integrating accounting/financial, operating and energy efficiency information, it allows to obtain cross-referenced information that allows to detect inconsistencies and important productivity improvement opportunities. We offer automation of processes to monitor profitability.  

Some of the benefits are:

 - location tracking
 - audit facility.
 - proactive maintenance
 - theft reduction
 - Process Automation
 - elimination of phantom assets

For any special business cases the food industry present big opportunities

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